In order to properly represent our clients, we at Gross & Associés

  • Establish and maintain client relationships which are both personal and sustained
  • Make sure that no conflicts of interest exist among any of the firm’s clients
  • Delegate work to those in the firm with the appropriate specific skills and experience always, however, under the supervision of the attorney responsible for the client
  • Insure that all those who provide services for a client are informed continuously and completely of all developments in the matter
  • Investigate the facts in detail and with a critical, in-depth approach
  • Identify the evidence to be produced; assemble, analyse and organise that which is available and take an active role in obtaining that which is still required
  • Proceed with an in-depth legal analysis of all the relevant facts and evidence in order to determine the client’s rights and obligations
  • Define and develop the goals to be achieved and the strategy to be used, and employ the means necessary and appropriate to accomplish them
  • Insure that a balance is maintained between the goals and the means to achieve them
  • Closely associate the client in all actions taken and decisions made, inform the client immediately of any element which may affect his or her matters using language that is legally precise but clearly understandable to the client

This methodology allows Gross & Associés to serve its clients effectively while maintaining complete independence.